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My love of photography resurfaced about six years ago  - since then, I've had some amazing opportunities to learn from extraordinary photographers. After a terrific workshop at Maine Media, right here in Rockport, Maine, I came home and began taking photos of my backyard chickens. Those photos grew in to a product line called "Hard-boiled Hens". From this endeavor, I spread my wings and broadened my photography sights.

I love photographing animals and children — both require patience, good cheer, and quick thinking to get an outstanding outcome. I also love shooting candid images, where folks are unaware their photo is being taken. You may be surprised at the way spontaneity reveals personalities!

If we are photographing your pet or your kiddo, I’ll most likely need your assistance. I will work as quickly as I can, as kids and animals don’t have a long attention span. But, if we don’t get shots we’re both pleased with, I'm more than happy to try again; I learn something every time I shoot. 

My preference is to resist over-processing. While I prefer natural light, we can also enhance your photos with a little help from Lightroom. 

Thank you for the opportunity to work together and create something you’ll always treasure. I won't bring my dogs or chickens to our shoot, but I might show up with eggs.